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Medicare Drug Spending

Detailed data on prescription drugs for Medicare Part B and Part D

Originator: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

CMS identified 80 drugs using 2014 data that met the criteria described below, 40 drugs provided through the Medicare Prescription Drug Program under Part D and 40 drugs administered by physicians and other professionals in the Medicare fee-for-service program under Part B. Products have been selected from each respective program area based on the following criteria: the drug is ranked in the top 15 in terms of total program spending (for either Part B or D); the drug is associated with a high annual per user spending based on claims data analyses (e.g., greater than $10,000 per user) and is ranked in the top 15 by overall program spending (if a drug already is selected based on (a) it is not eligible to be selected based on (b) criteria); or the drug is ranked among the top 10 high unit cost increases (if a drug already is selected based on (a) or (b) it is not eligible to be selected based on (c) criteria). LIS refers to Low Income Subsidy, a program available under the Part D program to provide assistance with prescription drug costs.


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ResourceObject["Medicare Drug Spending"]

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ResourceData["Medicare Drug Spending"]


Show the average cost per unit from 2010 to 2014 for Abilify:

 ResourceData["Medicare Drug Spending"][
   Select[#BrandName === "Abilify" &]][
  All, {"Year", "AverageCostPerUnit"}]]

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