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Meteorite Landings

A collection of known meteorite landings

Near-Earth Comets

J2000 heliocentric ecliptic orbital elements of 160 Near-Earth Comets

Bortle scale

Numeric scale that measures the night sky's brightness

Sample Data: Wolf Sunspot Numbers

Yearly averages of Wolf sunspot numbers for years 1770-1869, also known as Box-Jenkins Series E

Sample Data: Solar System Planets and Moons

Sample dataset containing the mass and radius of planets and moons in the Solar System

Spacecraft Materials Outgassing Data

Data on outgassing of materials intended for spacecraft

Fireballs and Bolides

Data on several of the brightest fireballs and bolides that were detected from 2009-2015 by U.S. Government sensors

Kepler-11 Light Curve Data

Light curve data for planetary system Kepler-11

Seven Year Microwave Sky

The detailed, all-sky picture of the infant universe created from seven years of WMAP data