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Sample Image: Girl on a Blue Background

Sample Image of a Girl

Space Shuttle 3D Model

3D test model of a space shuttle


Database of handwritten digits commonly used for training image processing systems

Viking Lander 3D Model

3D test model of a Viking lunar lander

GMM-3 Mars Gravity Map

Goddard Mars Model 3 map of the gravity field of Mars


CIFAR-100 computer-vision training dataset

Sample Image: Giraffe Graphic

Sample CMYK Image of a Giraffe

Stanford Bunny

3D test model created from scanning a ceramic figurine of a rabbit

Sample Image: Happy Family in Red

Sample Image of a Happy Family

Sample Image: White Dog on a Beach

Sample Image of a Dog at the Beach

Sample Image: Orange Butterfly on a Purple Flower

Sample Image of a Butterfly

Seven Year Microwave Sky

The detailed, all-sky picture of the infant universe created from seven years of WMAP data

Sample Image: Red Cherry Tomatoes

Sample Image in the CIE LAB Colorspace