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CIFAR-10 computer-vision training dataset


CIFAR-100 computer-vision training dataset


A small MNIST-like fashion product image dataset

Sample Image: White Dog on a Beach

Sample Image of a Dog at the Beach

Sample Image: Giraffe Graphic

Sample CMYK Image of a Giraffe

Sample Image: Girl on a Blue Background

Sample Image of a Girl

Sample Image: Orange Butterfly on a Purple Flower

Sample Image of a Butterfly

Sample Image: Red Cherry Tomatoes

Sample Image in the CIE LAB Colorspace


The Facial Expression Recognition 2013 (FER-2013) Dataset

Sample Image: Happy Family in Red

Sample Image of a Happy Family

Canonical Polyhedra

The canonical forms of polyhedra with 4 to 9 faces

Minecraft Block Types

Wolfram Language EntityStore with IDs and sample images for 150+ types of Minecraft blocks