Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Sample Image: Orange Butterfly on a Purple Flower

Sample Image of a Butterfly

Sample Image: Girl on a Blue Background

Sample Image of a Girl

Sample Image: White Dog on a Beach

Sample Image of a Dog at the Beach

Sample Image: Giraffe Graphic

Sample CMYK Image of a Giraffe

Sample Image: Red Cherry Tomatoes

Sample Image in the CIE LAB Colorspace

Sample Image: Happy Family in Red

Sample Image of a Happy Family


Database of handwritten digits commonly used for training image processing systems


CIFAR-100 computer-vision training dataset


The Facial Expression Recognition 2013 (FER-2013) Dataset

Canonical Polyhedra

The canonical forms of polyhedra with 4 to 9 faces

Mister Rogers' Sweater Colors

Colors of sweaters worn by Fred Rogers on episodes of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Space Shuttle 3D Model

3D test model of a space shuttle

Stanford Bunny

3D test model created from scanning a ceramic figurine of a rabbit

Viking Lander 3D Model

3D test model of a Viking lunar lander

Minimal Inequivalent Square Tilings

A dataset of images and constraints for the minimal inequivalent square tilings, along with the allowed tiles that generate the tiling

GMM-3 Mars Gravity Map

Goddard Mars Model 3 map of the gravity field of Mars

D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum 3D Anatomical Models

Models from the museum at the University of Dundee, Scotland

Seven Year Microwave Sky

The detailed, all-sky picture of the infant universe created from seven years of WMAP data

Cover Image from A New Kind of Science

The cellular automaton evolution shown on the cover of Stephen Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science