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U.S. State Fairgrounds

Locations for United States State and Regional Fairs

This dataset displays the locations and other pertinent information about the state level agricultural fairs held throughout the United States. It aids in providing the situational awareness for the agricultural sector, as well as the high value symbolic sector. Not only are the fairs gathering places for large numbers of livestock that then disperse, but large numbers of people congregate at these fairs. Additionally, other events--such as gun shows, arts & crafts shows, trade shows, etc.--are held at the fairgrounds locations through the year. Some states (e.g., Alaska) have multiple state fairground sites. Hawaii holds its main state fair event at the Aloha Bowl, but does not have any other specific state fairground facility. Rhode Island and Connecticut do not hold specific state fair events--just regional events. In summary, 47 states have at least 1 record within this database, while Hawaii, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are not represented. There are no state fair events represented in any of the major U.S. territories (e.g., Puerto Rico).


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 ResourceData["U.S. State Fairgrounds"][All, "GeoPosition"]]

Wolfram Research, "U.S. State Fairgrounds" from the Wolfram Data Repository (2017) https://doi.org/10.24097/wolfram.00817.data

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