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Hadley Center Central England Temperature (HadCET) Dataset

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The CET dataset is the longest instrumental record of temperature in the world

Originator: Tim Leg (Met Office Hadley Centre for Climate Change)

These daily and monthly temperatures are representative of a roughly triangular area of the United Kingdom enclosed by Lancashire, London and Bristol. The monthly series, which begins in 1659, is the longest available instrumental record of temperature in the world. The daily mean-temperature series begins in 1772. Manley (1953, 1974) compiled most of the monthly series, covering 1659 to 1973. These data were updated to 1991 by Parker et al (1992), who also calculated the daily series. Both series are now kept up to date by the Climate Data Monitoring section of the Hadley Centre, Met Office. Since 1974 the data have been adjusted to allow for urban warming: currently a correction of -0.2 degrees Celsius is applied to mean temperatures.


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ResourceObject["Hadley Center Central England Temperature (HadCET) \

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ResourceData["Hadley Center Central England Temperature (HadCET) \

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   "Hadley Center Central England Temperature (HadCET) Dataset"], Quantity[5, "Years"]], PlotTheme -> "Detailed", PlotLabel -> "Central England five yr. moving average temperature"]

Diego Zviovich, "Hadley Center Central England Temperature (HadCET) Dataset" from the Wolfram Data Repository (2019)  

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