Wolfram Research

Sample Data: Abalone Measurements

Predict the age of abalone from physical measurements

Sample Data: DNase Assay

Data about the ELISA assay for the recombinant protein DNase in rat serum.

Sample Data: Plant Growth

Dried weight of plants was used to compare their yields for each of one control group and two treatment groups.

Sample Data: Fisher's Irises

Fisher's iris data

Amniote Life History Database

Life-history database for a wide variety of amniotes

Transcriptional Regulation Network of Escherichia coli

Dataset of the transcriptional regulation network of Escherichia coli

Sample Data: Cabbages

Data from 60 cabbages with measures of ascorbic acid content, weight, planting season and cultivar

Sample Data: Animal Weights

Brain and body weights for 28 animal species

Sample Data: Black Cherry Trees

Girth, height and volume of black cherry trees

Sample Data: Beaver Body Temperatures

Body temperature series for a female beaver

D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum 3D Anatomical Models

Models from the museum at the University of Dundee, Scotland

Sample Data: Loblolly Tree Growth

Loblolly pine tree growth measurement

On the Origin of Species

On the Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection, or, the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, by Charles Darwin

Sample Data: Gene Sequences

Splice-junction Gene Sequences for Primate DNA

Rat Brain Graph 1

Rattus norvegicus brain network graph

Rhesus Cerebral Cortex Graph 1

Connectome of rhesus macaque cerebral cortex

Nematode Pharynx Graph

Connectome of anterior section of hermaphrodite Caenorhabditis elegans pharynx