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Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speeches

Presidential nomination acceptance speeches

Presidential Inaugural Addresses

Presidential inaugural addresses through 2021

Political Party Platforms

U.S. political party platforms through 2012

The American

Plaintext for Henry James' "The American"

Mass Shootings in America

Curated data on mass shootings in America from 1966 to 2016.

American College Football Network

Network of American football games between Division IA colleges

USDA Rural Housing Active Projects

Data on the USDA's rental properties and labor housing types

Project Tycho Level 1 Data

Data from all weekly notifiable disease reports for the United States dating back to 1888. Level 1 data have been custom tailored for specific analyses.


Plaintext for Booth Tarkington's "Seventeen"

Food Access Research Atlas

The USDA's comprehensive report on food accessibility in America

COVID-19 Hospital Resource Use Projections

Projected hospital resource use based on COVID-19 deaths

Public Housing Developments 2015

HUD's PD&R (Office of Policy Development and Research) is responsible for maintaining current information on housing needs, market conditions, and existing programs, as well as conducting research on priority housing ...

Declaration of Independence

Text of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Plaintext for Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"

HCAHPS Patient Care Survey

Responses from a standardized survey on the quality of American hospital care

IBRD Statement of Loans

Data on International Bank for Reconstruction and Development loans

Census Tract Entity Store

US Census tracts with location, polygon, and data from the American Community Survey

NYC Jobs, Aug 2015 - Aug 2016

Information about NYC jobs for Aug. 2015 - Aug. 2016

Sample Data: Female Heights And Weights

Data on the average heights and weights for American women aged between 30 to 39.

Tweets by @WolframResearch (Datasets for Multiparadigm Data Science Course)

These datasets are used in the example demonstrated in the "Build a Project Workflow" section of the "Multiparadigm Data Science" interactive course on Wolfram U

US Public Housing Authorities 2016

2016 HUD public housing authority data

World Constitutions

Full text of national constitutions

SNAP Retailers

A comprehensive list of all retailers accepting SNAP payments in the U.S.

HUD Location Affordability Index

The Location Affordability Index gives estimates of the percentage of a family's income dedicated to the combined cost of housing and transportion in a given location.

Head Start Locations

Full list of currently active Head Start Program locations

Community Development Block Grant Activity by Tract

HUD's PD&R (Office of Policy Development and Research) is responsible for maintaining current information on housing needs, market conditions, and existing programs, as well as conducting research on priority housing ...

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Properties

HUD's PD&R (Office of Policy Development and Research) is responsible for maintaining current information on housing needs, market conditions, and existing programs, as well as conducting research on priority housing ...

Washington, D.C. Metro Bus Stops

The District provides a large quantity of government information available to the public. The Open Data Catalog provides hundreds of District government datasets, available as raw downloads in a variety of formats, an...

USDA Summer Food Service Programs

Information about the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)

USDA Aggregate Tenant Data on Active Properties

Demographics and information on the USDA's active tenant properties

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Plaintext for Frederick Douglass' "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass"

Shakespeare and Company EntityStores

The collection, members and circulation records of the Shakespeare and Company lending library

Health Nutrition and Population Statistics

The World Bank Group (WBG) is a family of five international organizations that make leveraged loans to developing countries. It is the largest and most famous development bank in the world and is an observer at the U...

Cunningham Number Factorizations

Numbers of the form b^n-1 and b^n+1 are factored for small prime bases b={2,3,5,7}

Swadesh Lists

Word lists for common concepts in nearly 1200 languages

Canonical Polyhedra

The canonical forms of polyhedra with 4 to 9 faces

USB Device Vendors and Devices

A dataset of the vendors and devices in the Linux usb.ids file

Polyform Database

Data for some of the most popular polyforms

Sample Data: Gorilla Nesting Sites

Locations of gorilla nesting sites annotated with group (major/minor), season (dry/rainy), and date marks

High Energy Physics Theory Network

A collaboration and citation network on physics theory

High Energy Physics Phenomenology Network

A collaboration and citation network on physics phenomenology

2015 Chicago Marathon Data

2015 Chicago Marathon participant data

Sample Data: Mushroom Classification

Determine whether a mushroom is edible based on physical characteristics

Sample Data: Longleaf Pines

Locations of longleaf pine trees annotated with diameter at breast height (in centimeters) marks

Sample Data: Leukaemia NW England

Locations of leukaemia in N.W. England from 1982 to 1998 (inclusive), annotated with age, gender, deprivation index (higher values indicating less affluence), and subject type (case or control) marks

Nematode Pharynx Graph

Connectome of anterior section of hermaphrodite Caenorhabditis elegans pharynx


virtual exploratory heterocyclic library

Rat Brain Graph 1

Rattus norvegicus brain network graph

Sample Data: Loblolly Tree Growth

Loblolly pine tree growth measurement

Rhesus Cerebral Cortex Graph 1

Connectome of rhesus macaque cerebral cortex

New Orleans Slave Sales 1856-1861

Slave sales recorded by the New Orleans register of conveyance, October 1856 to August 1861

Online Social Network

Social network of an online community

Job Training Efficacy

Data examining the efficacy of job training programs on increasing earnings

Sample Data: Buffalo Snow

Snow accumulations in Buffalo

Hospital Beds Per US State

Time series data for number of beds per US state for 1000 inhabitants by ownership type

Sample Data: Anscombe Regression Lines

Anscombe's 4 regression line data

1918 'Spanish Flu' Pandemic In Chicago

Point location of influenza and pneumatic deaths and weekly mortality data recorded during 1918 'Spanish flu' pandemic correlated to 1920 census data for Chicago

Worldwide Complexity Institutes

Dataset of known complexity institutes worldwide

US Fatal Injuries 1999-2014

Dataset of deaths and crude rates of fatal injuries in the United States from 1999 to 2014

Gridded World Population Density

UN-adjusted gridded world population density for the years 2000, 2005, 2010, and 2015

CDC Primers for SARS-CoV-2 Research

Primers provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for identifying SARS-CoV-2 for research purposes, including the names, sequences, working concentration, and related information

Atlantic Hurricane Data 1851-2017

A modification of the NOAA "Hurdat2" Dataset on Atlantic Hurricanes to facilitate use with the Wolfram Language