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The 2016 Atomic Mass Evaluation (AME2016)

Atomic mass list for analysis which contains the elements, mass excess, binding energy, beta-decay energy, atomic mass and more

Mass Shootings in America

Curated data on mass shootings in America from 1966 to 2016.

Selected CIE Colorimetric Tables

Standard illuminants, colorimetric observer curves, and daylight components for working with visible light spectra and illumination, from Publication CIE 15:2004

Sample Data: 2003 US Life Table

A life table for the total United States population in 2003

Periodic Planar Collisionless Three Body Orbits With Unequal Mass

The 1349 periodic orbits of planar three-body problem with unequal mass and zero angular momentum


Table of emojis and their metadata

Sample Data: Solar System Planets and Moons

Sample dataset containing the mass and radius of planets and moons in the Solar System

UK Government Wine and Spirits Consumed

Table of all Wine and Spirits consumed from the Government Hospitality Wine Cellar

Top500 List of Supercomputers - June 2016

The TOP500 table shows the 500 most powerful commercially available computer systems known to us.

Sample Video: Small Home Interior

Fly-through of a small home's interior, showing a large variety of objects

US Census Mean Household Income Data

Census Bureau

Global Landslide Catalog

The Global Landslide Catalog considers all types of mass movements triggered by rainfall, which have been reported in the media, disaster databases, scientific reports, or other sources.

BMI by Country

Global Health Observatory data repository

Hansen Solubility Parameters

Hansen solubility parameters for 211 common solvents