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Hansen Solubility Parameters

Hansen solubility parameters for 211 common solvents

Sample Data: Bronze Gradient Filter

Locations of bronze particles in a gradient filter annotated with radii (in millimeters) marks

Sample Data: Formaldehyde Statistics

Formaldehyde concentration analysis obtained in a chemical experiment.

Sample Data: Stackloss Plant

Brownlee's stack loss plant data.

Sample Data: Ceramic Strength

Effect of machining factors on the strength of ceramics

Sample Data: Airplane Glass

Time to failure for airplane glass

Sample Data: Motor Failures

An accelerated life test at each of four temperatures of 10 motorettes.

Sample Data: Car Stopping Distances

Data on the relation between the speed of the car and the distance for the car to stop.

Sample Data: Cement Heat Evolution

Heat evolved by setting cements

Spacecraft Materials Outgassing Data

Data was obtained at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), utilizing equipment developed at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) under contract to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Top500 List of Supercomputers - June 2016

The TOP500 table shows the 500 most powerful commercially available computer systems known to us.

SWEETLEAD Molecule Database

A cheminformatics database of medicines, drugs, and herbal isolates


virtual exploratory heterocyclic library

Epidemic Data for Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Estimated cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19, formerly known as 2019-nCoV) infection by country or region (This data was imported and made computable on October 18, 2021)