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Railway Children

Plaintext for Edith Nesbit's "Railway Children"

Child Mortality from Malaria

Child mortality numbers caused by malaria by country.

Sample Data: GAG Urine Levels

Level of GAG in urine of children

Child Mortality from HIV/AIDS

Child mortality numbers caused by HIV/AIDS by country.

Child Mortality Rates by Prematurity

Child mortality rates caused by premature or preterm birth by country.

Just David

Plaintext for Eleanor H. Porter's "Just David"

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Plaintext for Frances Hodgson Burnett's "Little Lord Fauntleroy"

Through the Looking Glass

Plaintext for Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass"

Tik-Tok of Oz

Plaintext for L. Frank Baum's "Tik­Tok of Oz"


Plaintext for Eleanor H. Porter's "Pollyanna"

Just So Stories

Plaintext for Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories"

The Jungle Book

Plaintext for Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book"

The Story of Mankind

Plaintext for Hendrik Willem van Loon's "The Story of Mankind"

USDA National Hunger Clearinghouse

Locations of food resources in communities, including summer meals for children

Black Beauty: His Grooms and Companions: The autobiography of a horse

Plaintext for Anna Sewell's "Black Beauty"

The Second Jungle Book

Plaintext for Rudyard Kipling's "The Second Jungle Book"

Sample Data: Time to AIDS Induction

Time to AIDS in years for adults and children from 1978

NYC After-School Jobs and Internships

Agencies in NYC offering after-school job and internship programs

New York State Child Care Programs

Child care programs in New York state

Sample Data: Otitis Media

The effects of a drug on 50 children with a history of otitis media in the Northern Territory of Australia.

New Orleans Slave Sales 1856-1861

Slave sales recorded by the New Orleans register of conveyance, October 1856 to August 1861

Food Access Research Atlas

The USDA's comprehensive report on food accessibility in America