Wolfram Research

Sample Data: Satellite

Classify the type of land surface of a scene photographed by the Landsat MSS satellite given four digital images of the scene taken in different spectral bands

Sample Data: UCI Letter

Letter recognition dataset

Sample Data: Wine Quality

Quality of white wines given the physical properties of the wines

Sample Data: Mushroom Classification

Determine whether a mushroom is edible based on physical characteristics

Tagged Test Images Network

Bipartite network of tags and images

Sample Data: Water Boiling Points in the Alps

17 observations on the boiling point of water and barometric pressure in inches of mercury.

Sample Data: Movie Review Sentence Polarity

Movie review data

Sample Data: US Earthquakes

Earthquakes in the U.S. from July 28th, 1789 to March 24th, 2010

Sample Data: Plant Growth

Dried weight of plants was used to compare their yields for each of one control group and two treatment groups.

Sample Data: Stackloss Plant

Brownlee's stack loss plant data.

Sample Data: Soporific Drugs

Data showing the effect of two soporific drugs on 10 patients regarding to the increase in hours of sleep compared to control.

Sample Data: Time to AIDS Induction

Time to AIDS in years for adults and children from 1978

Sample Data: Formaldehyde Statistics

Formaldehyde concentration analysis obtained in a chemical experiment.

Sample Data: Singer Heights

Heights in inches of the singers in the New York Choral Society in 1979 grouped by their voice parts.

Sample Data: Speed of Light

Michaelson and Morley's speed of light data

Sample Data: 1993 US Cars

Data from 93 cars, selected at random, on sale in the US in 1993 with 27 variables

Sample Data: Chicken Weight

Biometrika is primarily a journal of statistics in which emphasis is placed on papers containing original theoretical contributions of direct or potential value in applications.

Sample Data: Ceramic Strength

Effect of machining factors on the strength of ceramics

Sample Data: Esophageal Cancer

Case­control study of esophageal cancer in Ile­et­Vilaine

Sample Data: Titanic Survival

Classify whether a passenger on board the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic in 1912 survived given their age, sex and class

Sample Data: Fisher's Irises

Fisher's iris data

Sample Data: Australian AIDS

Data on patients diagnosed with AIDS in Australia before July 1, 1991

Sample Data: Airplane Glass

Time to failure for airplane glass

Sample Data: Motor Failures

An accelerated life test at each of four temperatures of 10 motorettes.

Sample Data: DNase Assay

Data about the ELISA assay for the recombinant protein DNase in rat serum.

US Hurricane Losses

U.S. losses due to hurricanes in millions of U.S. Dollars

US State Income

United States per capita income by state

Sample Data: Puromycin Reaction Velocity

Velocities of enzymatic reactions with or without Puromycin.

Sample Data: Wolf Sunspot Numbers

Data for yearly averages of sunspot numbers originaly compiled by Johann Rudolf Wolf (1770-1869).

Sample Data: Employee Attitude Survey

Employee attitude data for 30 departments in a large financial organization

Sample Data: Life Cycle Savings

Savings data averaged over the decade from 1960 to 1970 to remove the business cycle or other short term fluctuations.

Sample Data: Swiss Bank Notes

Six measurements made on 100 genuine Swiss bank notes and 100 counterfeit ones.

Sample Data: Anscombe Regression Lines

Anscombe's 4 regression line data

Sample Data: Earthquake Waiting Times

The time in days between serious (magnitude at least 7.5 or over 1000 fatalities) earthquakes worldwide, from 12/16/1902 to 3/4/1977

Sample Data: Car Stopping Distances

Data on the relation between the speed of the car and the distance for the car to stop.

Sample Data: Scottish Hill Races

Record times in Scottish hill races

Sample Data: Airline Passenger Miles

Revenue passenger miles flown by commercial airlines

Sample Data: Ozone Concentrations

Daily maximum ozone concentrations at Stamford, Connecticut and Yonkers, New York, during the period May 1, 1974 to September 30, 1974, recorded in parts per billion (ppb).

Sample Data: Rainfall Seeding

Rainfall in acre-feet from 52 clouds, of which 26 were chosen randomly and seeded with silver oxide.

Sample Data: CPU Performance

A relative performance measure and characteristics of 209 CPUs.

Sample Data: US Arrests

Number of arrests per 100,000 residents for assault, murder and rape in each of 50 U.S. states in 1973 and percentage of population living in urban areas for each state

Sample Data: Cabbages

Data from 60 cabbages with measures of ascorbic acid content, weight, planting season and cultivar

Sample Data: Indomethicin Pharmacokinetics

Time series data about concentration of indomethicin on 6 subjects in the indomethicin pharmacokinetics experiment.

Sample Data: Anorexia Treatment

Anorexia data on weight change for young female patients.

Sample Data: University Salaries

Salaries from three university campuses

Sample Data: Warp Breaks

Number of breaks in yarn during weaving per loom.

Sample Data: Fisher's Cats

The heart and body weights of samples of male and female cats used for digitalis experiments. The cats were all adult, over 2 kg body weight.

Sample Data: Swiss Fertility

Swiss fertility and socioeconomic indicators (1888)

Sample Data: Channing House

The use of counting process methodology has allowed for substantial advances in the statistical theory to account for censoring and truncation in survival experiments. This book makes these complex methods more access...

Sample Data: Larynx Cancer

The use of counting process methodology has allowed for substantial advances in the statistical theory to account for censoring and truncation in survival experiments. This book makes these complex methods more access...

Sample Data: Scientific Discoveries

Number of great scientific discoveries of each year

Top Oil Fields 2001

Top producing oil fields in 2001

Sample Data: Animal Weights

Brain and body weights for 28 animal species

Sample Data: 2003 US Life Table

A life table for the total United States population in 2003

Sample Data: Psychiatric Patient Deaths

Death times of psychiatric patients

Sample Data: Old Faithful Eruptions

Applied Statistics is a journal of international repute for statisticians both inside and outside the academic world.

Sample Data: Black Cherry Trees

Girth, height and volume of black cherry trees

Sample Data: Female Heights And Weights

Data on the average heights and weights for American women aged between 30 to 39.

Sample Data: Cushing's Syndrome Testing

Diagnostic tests on patients with Cushing's syndrome

Sample Data: Crab Measures

Five morphological measurements of two varieties of both sexes of crab species Leptograpsus variegatus from Fremantle, W. Australia.

Sample Data: Boston Homes

Housing values in suburbs of Boston

Sample Data: Kidney Transplant

Time to death of 863 kidney transplant patients.

Sample Data: Buffalo Snow

Snow accumulations in Buffalo

Sample Data: Otitis Media

The effects of a drug on 50 children with a history of otitis media in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Sample Data: Gilgai Soil

Line transect of soil in Gilgai territory.

Sample Data: GAG Urine Levels

Level of GAG in urine of children

Sample Data: Cement Heat Evolution

Heat evolved by setting cements

Sample Data: Beaver Body Temperatures

Body temperature series for a female beaver

Sample Data: Mark Twain Authorship

Distribution of word lengths for Mark Twain and Quintus Curtius Snodgrass.

Sample Data: Birth Weight Risk

9 potential risk factors for low birth weight with birth weight outcomes.

Sample Data: Mercury Vapor Pressure

Relation of mercury vapor pressure vs temperature.

Sample Data: Bone Marrow Leukemia

Bone marrow transplantation for Leukemia

Sample Data: Guinea Pig Tooth Growth

Data on the length of odontoblasts (teeth) for 10 guinea pigs measured at each of three dose levels of Vitamin C with each of two delivery methods.

Sample Data: US City Temperature

Average monthly temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit, from January 1964 to December 1973 in 3 different US cities

Sample Data: Loblolly Tree Growth

Loblolly pine tree growth measurement

Sample Data: UK Lung Disease Deaths

Monthly deaths from lung diseases in the UK

Sample Data: Mink Fur Sales

Annual mink fur sales of Hudson's Bay Company