Wolfram Research

Sample Data: Plant Growth

Comparison of growth of plants by yield weight

Sample Data: Indomethicin Pharmacokinetics

Indomethicin pharmacokinetics experiment

Sample Data: Water Boiling Points in the Alps

Data on boiling points of water in the Alps

Sample Data: Puromycin Reaction Velocity

Velocities of enzymatic reactions with or without Puromycin

Sample Data: 2003 US Life Table

U.S. life table 2003

Sample Data: Guinea Pig Tooth Growth

Guinea pigs' tooth growth

Sample Data: Anorexia Treatment

Data on weight change for young female patients undergoing treatment for anorexia

Sample Data: Ceramic Strength

Effect of machining on ceramics

Sample Data: Scottish Hill Races

Record times in Scottish hill races

Sample Data: Airline Passenger Miles

Revenue passenger miles flown by commercial airlines

Sample Data: University Salaries

Salaries from three university campuses

Sample Data: Buffalo Snow

Snow accumulations in Buffalo

Sample Data: Bone Marrow Leukemia

Bone marrow transplantation for Leukemia

Sample Data: Stackloss Plant

Brownlee's stack loss plant data

Sample Data: Speed of Light

Michaelson and Morley's speed of light data

US Hurricane Losses

U.S. losses due to hurricanes in millions of U.S. Dollars

Sample Data: GAG Urine Levels

Level of GAG in urine of children

Sample Data: Animal Weights

Brain and body weights for 28 animal species

US State Income

United States per capita income by state

Sample Data: Time to AIDS Induction

Time to AIDS in years for adults and children

Sample Data: Formaldehyde Statistics

Formaldehyde concentration analysis

Sample Data: Warp Breaks

Number of breaks in yarn during weaving

Sample Data: Swiss Fertility

Swiss fertility and socioeconomic indicators (1888)

Sample Data: CPU Performance

Performance of computer CPUs

Sample Data: Black Cherry Trees

Girth, height and volume of black cherry trees

Sample Data: Scientific Discoveries

Number of great scientific discoveries of each year

Sample Data: UK Lung Disease Deaths

Monthly deaths from lung diseases in the UK

Sample Data: Kidney Transplant

Death times of Kidney transplant patients

Sample Data: Old Faithful Eruptions

Old faithful geyser data

Sample Data: Chicken Weight

Chickens growth weight

Sample Data: Car Stopping Distances

Car stopping distances as a function of speed

Sample Data: Motor Failures

Accelerated life testing of motorettes

Sample Data: Mink Fur Sales

Annual mink fur sales of Hudson's Bay Company

Sample Data: DNase Assay

Elisa assay of DNase data

Sample Data: Gilgai Soil

Line transect of soil in Gilgai territory

Top Oil Fields 2001

Top producing oil fields in 2001

Sample Data: Wolf Sunspot Numbers

Yearly averages of Wolf sunspot numbers for years 1770-1869, also known as Box-Jenkins Series E

Sample Data: Soporific Drugs

Comparison of the effect of two soporific drugs on sleep

Sample Data: Rainfall Seeding

Rainfall seeding data

Sample Data: Cement Heat Evolution

Heat evolved by setting cements

Sample Data: Singer Heights

Heights of singers

Sample Data: Loblolly Tree Growth

Loblolly pine tree growth measurement

Sample Data: Swiss Bank Notes

Swiss bank note data

Sample Data: Mercury Vapor Pressure

Relation of mercury vapor pressure vs temperature

Sample Data: Female Heights And Weights

Female heights and weights data

Sample Data: Cushing's Syndrome Testing

Diagnostic tests on patients with Cushing's syndrome

Sample Data: Life Cycle Savings

Life-cycle savings hypothesis study

Sample Data: 1993 US Cars

Data from 93 cars on sale in the USA in 1993

Sample Data: Fisher's Cats

Anatomical data from domestic cats

Sample Data: Mark Twain Authorship

Distribution of word lengths for Mark Twain and Quintus Curtius Snodgrass

Sample Data: Australian AIDS

Data on patients diagnosed with AIDS in Australia before July 1, 1991

Sample Data: US Earthquakes

Earthquakes in the U.S. from July 28th, 1789 to March 24th, 2010

Sample Data: Cabbages

Data from a cabbage field trial

Sample Data: Psychiatric Patient Deaths

Death times of psychiatric patients

Sample Data: Otitis Media

Presence of bacteria after drug treatments for ear infections

Sample Data: Crab Measures

Morphological measurements on Leptograpsus crabs

Sample Data: Birth Weight Risk

Risk factors associated with low infant birth weight

Sample Data: US City Temperature

US city temperatures

Sample Data: Ozone Concentrations

Ozone concentrations by city and date

Sample Data: Channing House

Channing House retirement center data

Sample Data: Beaver Body Temperatures

Body temperature series of a female beaver

Sample Data: Esophageal Cancer

Case-control study of esophageal cancer

Sample Data: Titanic Survival

Classify whether a passenger on board the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic in 1912 survived given their age, sex and class

Sample Data: Larynx Cancer

Death times of male laryngeal cancer patients

Sample Data: Airplane Glass

Time to failure for airplane glass

Sample Data: Wine Quality

Quality of white wines given the physical properties of the wines

Sample Data: US Arrests

50 US states arrests data in 1973

Sample Data: Employee Attitude Survey

Employee attitude data for 30 departments in a large financial organization

Sample Data: Mushroom Classification

Determine whether a mushroom is edible based on physical characteristics

Sample Data: Movie Review Sentence Polarity

Movie review data

Sample Data: Boston Homes

Housing values in suburbs of Boston

Sample Data: Anscombe Regression Lines

Anscombe's 4 regression line data

Sample Data: Earthquake Waiting Times

Earthquake waiting times

Sample Data: Fisher's Irises

Fisher's iris data

Sample Data: UCI Letter

Letter recognition dataset

Sample Data: Satellite

Classify the type of land surface of a scene photographed by the Landsat MSS satellite given four digital images of the scene taken in different spectral bands