Wolfram Research

Sample Data: Yellowstone Geothermal Features

Locations of some geothermal features and geysers in the Yellowstone National Park

Sample Data: Meuse River

Locations of soil samples along the Dutch bank of the Meuse river north of Maastricht, annotated with marks including elevation (in meters), distance to river (in meters), flooding frequency, cadmium, copper, lead, an...

Sample Data: Ozarks Karst

Locations of springs and sinkholes in the Ozark Plateaus Physiographic Province (Ozarks) in Arkansas

Sample Data: World Volcanos

Locations of volcanos in the world

Top Oil Fields 2001

Top producing oil fields in 2001

Sample Data: Old Faithful Eruptions

Applied Statistics is a journal of international repute for statisticians both inside and outside the academic world.

Sample Data: Gilgai Soil

Line transect of soil in Gilgai territory.

Sample Data: US Earthquakes

Earthquakes in the U.S. from July 28th, 1789 to March 24th, 2010

Sample Data: Pacific Walrus Haulouts

Congregations of Pacific walruses off the coast of U.S. and Russia, 1852-2016