Wolfram Research

Rejected New York License Plates

Data on New York personalized license plate applications received from the New York DMV

Public Housing Developments 2015

HUD's PD&R (Office of Policy Development and Research) is responsible for maintaining current information on housing needs, market conditions, and existing programs, as well as conducting research on priority housing ...

USB Device Vendors and Devices

A dataset of the vendors and devices in the Linux usb.ids file

Mammals in MZNA-VERT

Data on small mammals obtained from the analysis of barn owl pellets

Gridded World Population Density

UN-adjusted gridded world population density for the years 2000, 2005, 2010, and 2015

NCI Standard Anticancer Agents

Dataset of the NCI standard anticancer agents

SWEETLEAD Molecule Database

A cheminformatics database of medicines, drugs, and herbal isolates

Tooth Brushing Video Samples

A collection of videos of people brushing their teeth


A small MNIST-like fashion product image dataset

United States Supreme Court Decisions 1946-present

Datasets relating to Supreme Court cases from 1946 to present

Cheerleading Video Samples

A collection of videos of cheerleading

D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum 3D Anatomical Models

Models from the museum at the University of Dundee, Scotland

Hue Color Gradients

Collection of gradient hues from coolHue

Sample Video: Eiffel Tower

Video of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Sample Video: Small Home Interior

Fly-through of a small home's interior, showing a large variety of objects

Sample Video: Friends at the Beach

Video of several people on a beach walking towards the camera

Western Europe Grape Harvest

Western Europe 650 year Grape Harvest Data from 1354 to 2007

Sample Video: Wild Ducks in the Park

Video of several ducks moving around and eating bread tossed from off-camera

Sample Video: Surfing (Noisy)

Video of a person surfing with added gaussian noise

Sample Video: Skating (Noisy)

Video of a person skating with added gaussian noise

Sample Video: City Street Activity

Video of a city intersection with many vehicles crossing in both directions

Sample Video: Practicing Yoga

Video of a woman practicing yoga

Sample Video: Barbecuing

Video of a person cooking chicken on a grill

Sample Video: Reading a Book

Video of a woman reading a book

Sample Video: Cardiomyocytes Contraction

Video of cardiomyocytes contracting repeatedly for several seconds

Sample Video: Blowing Glitter

Video of a woman blowing glitter

Sample Video: Freezing Bubble

Video of a soap bubble freezing

Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Government Measures

Measures taken by governments from different countries to fight the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2