Wolfram Research

Sample Data: Loblolly Tree Growth

Loblolly pine tree growth measurement

Sample Data: Japanese Pines

Locations of Japanese black pine saplings

Sample Data: Fin Pines

Locations of pine trees annotated with diameter (in centimeters) and height (in meters) marks

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

Plaintext for John Fox, Jr.'s "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine"

Sample Data: Swedish Pines

Locations of pine tress

Sample Data: Longleaf Pines

Locations of longleaf pine trees annotated with diameter at breast height (in centimeters) marks

Sample Data: Ponderosa Pine Trees

Locations of Ponderosa Pine trees without annotations

Sample Data: Hyytiala Trees

Locations of trees recorded at Hyytiala, Finland, annotated with species (pine/birch/rowan/aspen) marks