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Tagged Test Images Network

Bipartite network of tags and images

Sample Data: Cushing's Syndrome Testing

Diagnostic tests on patients with Cushing's syndrome


CIFAR-100 computer-vision training dataset


CIFAR-10 computer-vision training dataset

Space Shuttle 3D Model

3D test model of a space shuttle

Viking Lander 3D Model

3D test model of a Viking lunar lander

Sample Data: Motor Failures

An accelerated life test at each of four temperatures of 10 motorettes.

Sample Data: Bovine Tuberculosis

Locations of cattle herds in Cornwall, UK, that have tested positive for bovine tuberculosis, annotated with marks including the year of testing, and spoligotype (a qualitative genetic marker)

Stanford Bunny

3D test model created from scanning a ceramic figurine of a rabbit

Sample Data: Copper Deposits

Locations of copper deposits annotated with South points marks