Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Sample Data: Airline Passenger Miles

Revenue passenger miles flown by commercial airlines

Washington, D.C. Metro Stations

Regional Metro stations in Washington, D.C.

HUD Location Affordability Index

Data on family income and costs of housing and transportion in U.S. cities

Washington, D.C. Metro Bus Stops

Regional bus stops in Washington, D.C. area

Sample Data: Motor Failures

Accelerated life testing of motorettes

Rejected New York License Plates

Plate applications rejected by the New York DMV from 2010 to 2014

DHL Facilities

Information about U.S. DHL facilities, including exact locations

UPS Facilities

Information about U.S. UPS facilities, including exact locations

FedEx Facilities

Information about U.S. FedEx facilities, including exact locations

Sample Data: 1993 US Cars

Data from 93 cars on sale in the USA in 1993

Global Air Navigation Aids

Worldwide radio navigation aids

FAA Wildlife Strikes

All reports of birds and other wildlife striking aircraft in the U.S. since 1990

Hospital Medicare Spending by Claim 2014

Medicare spending by insurance claim type by U.S. hospital for 2014

Road Traffic Fatalities by Type 2013

Road traffic deaths by type of road user and country from 2013

New York City Elevators

List of registered elevator devices in New York City

Sample Data: Car Evaluation

Predicting car acceptability by attribute.