Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Sample Data: University Salaries

Salaries from three university campuses

Presidential Inaugural Addresses

Presidential inaugural addresses through 2017

Sample Data: Earthquake Waiting Times

Earthquake waiting times

D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum 3D Anatomical Models

Models from the museum at the University of Dundee, Scotland

Political Party Platforms

U.S. political party platforms through 2012

Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speeches

Presidential nomination acceptance speeches

Paul Revere's Social Network in Colonial Boston

Dataset of associations among political groups in colonial Boston 1762 - 1775

National Science Foundation Grants - 2015

Data on National Science Foundation grants and associated investigators and institutions awarded in the year 2015

Mammals in MZNA-VERT

Data on small mammals obtained from the analysis of barn owl pellets

Sample Data: Swiss Fertility

Swiss fertility and socioeconomic indicators (1888)

Sample Data: Chicken Weight

Chickens growth weight

C-BARQ Survey

The C-BARQ (or Canine Behavioral Assessment and Research Questionnaire) is designed to provide dog owners and professionals with standardized evaluations of canine temperament and behavior

Olympic Games Costs

Costs of the Olympic Games held from 1960 to 2014

Sample Data: Cushing's Syndrome Testing

Diagnostic tests on patients with Cushing's syndrome

Pitt Quantum Repository

Database of molecular quantum calculations


CIFAR-100 computer-vision training dataset

Sample Data: Beaver Body Temperatures

Body temperature series of a female beaver

Sample Data: Esophageal Cancer

Case-control study of esophageal cancer


CIFAR-10 computer-vision training dataset

Supreme Court Justice Database

Personal and historical ideological data on US Supreme Court justices

Japanese-English Subtitle Corpus

A parallel corpus for machine translation systems, information extraction and other language processing techniques

Stanford Bunny

3D test model created from scanning a ceramic figurine of a rabbit

Executions in the United States

A dataset about executions (the death penalty) in the United States since the 1976 Supreme Court decision in Gregg v. Georgia (428 U.S. 153)

Global Events of Organized Violence

Georeferenced dataset of individual events of organized violence from the Uppsala Conflict Data Program

Irish-Viking Networks in 'Cogadh Gaedhel re Gallaibh'

Graph datasets for Irish and Viking character relationships in the medieval Irish text 'Cogadh Gaedhel re Gallaibh' ('The War of the Gaedhil with the Gaill')

Prussian Horse Kick Data

The number of soldiers in the Prussian cavalry killed by horse kicks from 1875 to 1894

United States Supreme Court Decisions 1946-present

Datasets relating to Supreme Court cases from 1946 to present

Project Tycho Level 1 Data

Incidence counts for selected communicable diseases in the U.S., 1888 to present

Raw Data For The Long Term Selection Experiment For Oil And Protein In Corn

Raw data from each ear analyzed each year of the Illinois long-term selection experiment for oil and protein in corn (1896-2004)