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Numerical Data

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Sample Data: Boston Homes

Housing values in suburbs of Boston

Sample Data: Animal Weights

Brain and body weights for 28 animal species

Paul Revere's Social Network in Colonial Boston

Dataset of associations among political groups in colonial Boston 1762 - 1775

Sample Data: Guinea Pig Tooth Growth

Guinea pigs' tooth growth

Sample Data: Esophageal Cancer

Case-control study of esophageal cancer

Sample Data: Fisher's Irises

Fisher's iris data

DW-NOMINATE for US Congress

Data on political ideology derived from roll call voting behavior in the U.S. Congress

Amniote Life History Database

Life-history database for a wide variety of amniotes

IBRD Statement of Loans

Data on International Bank for Reconstruction and Development loans

Mass Shootings in America

Stanford mass shootings database

Supreme Court Justice Database

Personal and historical ideological data on US Supreme Court justices

Sample Data: Old Faithful Eruptions

Old faithful geyser data

Sample Data: Solar System Planets and Moons

Sample dataset containing the mass and radius of planets and moons in the Solar System

Sample Data: Fisher's Cats

Anatomical data from domestic cats

Detailed Average Prices of Consumer Goods in Europe

Average prices per country of well-defined consumer goods and services

Sample Data: 1993 US Cars

Data from 93 cars on sale in the USA in 1993

Sample Data: Car Stopping Distances

Car stopping distances as a function of speed

Sample Data: Indomethicin Pharmacokinetics

Indomethicin pharmacokinetics experiment

Sample Data: Larynx Cancer

Death times of male laryngeal cancer patients

Sample Data: Mercury Vapor Pressure

Relation of mercury vapor pressure vs temperature

US State Income

United States per capita income by state

Sample Data: Ozone Concentrations

Ozone concentrations by city and date

Sample Data: Psychiatric Patient Deaths

Death times of psychiatric patients

Sample Data: Swiss Fertility

Swiss fertility and socioeconomic indicators (1888)

Sample Data: Water Boiling Points in the Alps

Data on boiling points of water in the Alps

Sample Data: Black Cherry Trees

Girth, height and volume of black cherry trees

Sample Data: Anorexia Treatment

Data on weight change for young female patients undergoing treatment for anorexia

Sample Data: Stackloss Plant

Brownlee's stack loss plant data

Sample Data: Kidney Transplant

Death times of Kidney transplant patients

Sample Data: Plant Growth

Comparison of growth of plants by yield weight

Sample Data: Bone Marrow Leukemia

Bone marrow transplantation for Leukemia

Sample Data: Puromycin Reaction Velocity

Velocities of enzymatic reactions with or without Puromycin

Sample Data: Formaldehyde Statistics

Formaldehyde concentration analysis

Sample Data: Lymphoma Marrow Transplants

Bone marrow transplants for Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

IMF World Economic Outlook

Selected macroeconomic data series from the International Monetary Fund

Sample Data: US Arrests

50 US states arrests data in 1973

Sample Data: 2003 US Life Table

U.S. life table 2003

Sample Data: Chicken Weight

Chickens growth weight

Sample Data: Female Heights And Weights

Female heights and weights data

Wind Speed Measurements

Average daily wind speed at 12 meteorological stations in the Republic of Ireland 1961-1978

Sample Data: CPU Performance

Performance of computer CPUs

Sample Data: Birth Weight Risk

Risk factors associated with low infant birth weight

Top Oil Fields 2001

Top producing oil fields in 2001

Sample Data: University Salaries

Salaries from three university campuses

Sample Data: Time to AIDS Induction

Time to AIDS in years for adults and children

State Government Finances 2013

U.S. Census Bureau, 2013 Annual Survey of State Government Finances

Sample Data: Swiss Bank Notes

Swiss bank note data

Sample Data: Wolf Sunspot Numbers

Yearly averages of Wolf sunspot numbers for years 1770-1869, also known as Box-Jenkins Series E

Atlanta Police Department Crime Data (2009-2017)

Dataset of crime data reported by the Atlanta Police from 2009 to May 17, 2017

Sample Data: Australian AIDS

Data on patients diagnosed with AIDS in Australia before July 1, 1991

Orbits of a Planet in a Binary Star System

A collection of orbits for an idealized planet in a binary star system

Sample Data: Beaver Body Temperatures

Body temperature series of a female beaver

Sample Data: Buffalo Snow

Snow accumulations in Buffalo

Sample Data: Otitis Media

Presence of bacteria after drug treatments for ear infections

Sample Data: Earthquake Waiting Times

Earthquake waiting times

Sample Data: Cabbages

Data from a cabbage field trial

Sample Data: Mark Twain Authorship

Distribution of word lengths for Mark Twain and Quintus Curtius Snodgrass

Sample Data: Cushing's Syndrome Testing

Diagnostic tests on patients with Cushing's syndrome

Sample Data: Rainfall Seeding

Rainfall seeding data

Sample Data: Cement Heat Evolution

Heat evolved by setting cements

Sample Data: DNase Assay

Elisa assay of DNase data

Sample Data: Life Cycle Savings

Life-cycle savings hypothesis study

Project Tycho Level 1 Data

Incidence counts for selected communicable diseases in the U.S., 1888 to present

Medicare Drug Spending

Detailed data on prescription drugs for Medicare Part B and Part D

Sample Data: Titanic Survival

Classify whether a passenger on board the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic in 1912 survived given their age, sex and class

Sample Data: Anscombe Regression Lines

Anscombe's 4 regression line data

Sample Data: Channing House

Channing House retirement center data

Sample Data: Gilgai Soil

Line transect of soil in Gilgai territory

Sample Data: Crab Measures

Morphological measurements on Leptograpsus crabs

Sample Data: Scottish Hill Races

Record times in Scottish hill races

Sample Data: Soporific Drugs

Comparison of the effect of two soporific drugs on sleep

Sample Data: Employee Attitude Survey

Employee attitude data for 30 departments in a large financial organization

Sample Data: Singer Heights

Heights of singers

Sample Data: Speed of Light

Michaelson and Morley's speed of light data

Sample Data: Warp Breaks

Number of breaks in yarn during weaving

UK Crime Incidents, February 2017

Individual crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) incidents in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland in February 2017

US Health Data Breaches

A list of breaches of unsecured protected health information affecting 500 or more individuals

Sample Data: Car Evaluation

Predicting car acceptability by attribute.

Sample Data: Airplane Glass

Time to failure for airplane glass

Sample Data: Ceramic Strength

Effect of machining on ceramics

NYC Major Felony Incidents 2015

Major felony incidents reported in NYC in 2015

Prussian Horse Kick Data

The number of soldiers in the Prussian cavalry killed by horse kicks from 1875 to 1894

Sample Data: GAG Urine Levels

Level of GAG in urine of children

Sample Data: Abalone Measurements

Predict the age of abalone from physical measurements

Video Games Until April 2017

Dataset from the Internet Games Database API as of April 2017

Bortle scale

Numeric scale that measures the night sky's brightness

Human Cell Counts

Dataset of total number of cells in organs/systems in adult human body

New Orleans Slave Sales 1856-1861

Slave sales recorded by the New Orleans register of conveyance, October 1856 to August 1861

Primitive Polynomials

Primitive polynomials for Galois field generation up to GF(2^1200), GF(3^660), GF(5^430), and GF(7^358)

Sample Data: Spam Email

Dataset of email statistics for the classification of spam email

The Silver Game of Life Lexicon

Famous Game of Life configurations collected by Stephen A. Silver

Block Simulation Network of Elementary Cellular Automata

A network showing how one elementary cellular automaton can emulate another if its states contain only particular blocks

A Million Bits of the Center Column of the Rule 30 Cellular Automaton

The center column of the rule 30 cellular automaton over a million steps of evolution

C-BARQ Survey

The C-BARQ (or Canine Behavioral Assessment and Research Questionnaire) is designed to provide dog owners and professionals with standardized evaluations of canine temperament and behavior

MLS Players' Salaries

Major League Soccer players' salaries from 2007 to 2016

Canonical Polyhedra

The canonical forms of polyhedra with 4 to 9 faces

Cunningham Number Factorizations

Numbers of the form b^n-1 and b^n+1 are factored for small prime bases b={2,3,5,7}

Minimal Inequivalent Square Tilings

A dataset of images and constraints for the minimal inequivalent square tilings, along with the allowed tiles that generate the tiling

Power Density in Biological and Astronomical Systems

Power density in various systems in the universe for a comparison of their thermodynamics efficiency

Minecraft Block Types

Wolfram Language EntityStore with IDs and sample images for 150+ types of Minecraft blocks

Peace Corps Volunteer Demographics (FY 2016)

Dataset of the demographics of Peace Corps volunteers in the 2016 fiscal year

Persistent Structures in Rule 110

The known families of persistent structures in the Rule 110 elementary cellular automaton

Persistent Structures in the Code 1329 Cellular Automaton

A collection of the persistent structures in the k=3, r=1 totalistic code 1329 cellular automaton

Persistent Structures in the Code 357 Cellular Automaton

A collection of the persistent structures in the k=3, r=1 totalistic code 357 cellular automaton

Persistent Structures in the Code 20 Cellular Automaton

The known persistent structures in the k=2, r=2 totalistic code 20 cellular automaton

Solutions to Examples of Post’s Correspondence Problem

A dataset of instances and solutions (if they exist) for Post’s correspondence problem

Raw Data For The Long Term Selection Experiment For Oil And Protein In Corn

Raw data from each ear analyzed each year of the Illinois long-term selection experiment for oil and protein in corn (1896-2004)

Video Games

Dataset from the Internet Games Database API as of June 2018

Worldwide Complexity Institutes

Dataset of known complexity institutes worldwide

US Coal Fields

This dataset represents coal fields in Alaska and the conterminous United States.

US Hurricane Losses

U.S. losses due to hurricanes in millions of U.S. Dollars

Atlantic Hurricane Data 1851-2017

A modification of the NOAA "Hurdat2" Dataset on Atlantic Hurricanes to facilitate use with the Wolfram Language

Cover Image from A New Kind of Science

The cellular automaton evolution shown on the cover of Stephen Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science

Executions in the United States

A dataset about executions (the death penalty) in the United States since the 1976 Supreme Court decision in Gregg v. Georgia (428 U.S. 153)

Free Code Camp New Coder Survey 2016

Results from Free Code Camp's 2016 survey of new coders

Global Events of Organized Violence

Georeferenced dataset of individual events of organized violence from the Uppsala Conflict Data Program

DHL Facilities

Information about U.S. DHL facilities, including exact locations

Famous 2D Cellular Automata

Well-known 2D cellular automata are listed, such as Conway’s Game of Life

Global Obesity Rates

Changes in obesity rates from 1975 to 2014

HTML Colors

HTML color names and codes

Linear Codes

Linear codes provide an optimal way for transmitting blocks of data over noisy channels


Data on plant response to mycorrhizal fungi

Mrs. Perkins's Quilts

Divide a square into a minimum number of integer-sided squares with a relatively prime subset

Path of the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21st, 2017

Dataset of the Path of the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21st, 2017

United States Supreme Court Decisions 1946-present

Datasets relating to Supreme Court cases from 1946 to present

Repetition Periods for Elementary Cellular Automata

A collection of rules and their repetition periods as a function of size

Sample Data: Wine Quality

Quality of white wines given the physical properties of the wines

The Second Swift Burst Alert Telescope Gamma­Ray Burst Catalog

476 gamma­ray bursts detected by the Swift Burst Alert Telescope (BAT) between 2004 December 19 and 2009 December 21

Urbana Police Traffic Stops

Urbana Police traffic stop motivation information from 2012 to September 2018

Urbana Police Stop Sheets

Police Stop Sheet results from the City of Urbana after 2016

World Atlas of Language Structures

Dataset of structural properties of languages

California Crop Mapping

Dataset of agricultural land use and irrigated acres in California

California Urban Water Supplier Monitoring Reports

Monthly reports of the larger urban water suppliers in California on water production and conservation activities, from the State of California's Drinking Water Information Clearinghouse (DRINC)

Arecibo Telescope 1974 Transmitted SETI Message

A sequence intended for communication with extraterrestrial intelligence, transmitted in 1974 from the Arecibo radio telescope

Australian Rules Football - 2018 Final Team Rankings

This dataset consists of the final team standing within the Australian Rules Football league for the 2018 season

City of Champaign Street Signs

The various street signs of Champaign, IL

A Billion Bits of the Center Column of the Rule 30 Cellular Automaton

The center column of the rule 30 cellular automaton over a billion steps of evolution

Federal Lands of the United States

Lands owned or administered by the Federal government

Gliders in 2D Cellular Automata

A 2D cellular automaton glider compilation by David Eppstein

Periodic Groundwater Level Measurements

Dataset of seasonal and long-term groundwater level measurements in groundwater basins in California

Sea Level and Temperatures Over the Last 40 Million Years

Dataset of eustatic sea level and temperatures over the last 40 million years

Sample Data: Satellite

Classify the type of land surface of a scene photographed by the Landsat MSS satellite given four digital images of the scene taken in different spectral bands

Sample Data: UCI Letter

Letter recognition dataset

Sample Data: Movie Review Sentence Polarity

Movie review data

Sample Data: Mushroom Classification

Determine whether a mushroom is edible based on physical characteristics

Urbana Police Incidents

Urbana Police incidents since 1988

Three-Color Cellular Automaton Rules that Double Their Input

A list of rules for k=3 cellular automata that eventually double a block of gray input cells

The Big Mac Index

The Big Mac index, published by The Economist from 2000 to 2018.

Urbana Police Arrests Since 1988

Arrests by the Urbana Police Department since 1988